Tuesday, June 18, 2013

People. Neanderthal Seeks Human is 99cents. Right now. This is happening.

Three Four Five reasons why Neanderthal Seeks Human is 99cents on Amazon:
  1. To celebrate the fact that Neanderthal Seeks Human is now on Amazon, kobo, smashwords, and will soon be on Nook (Barnes and Noble), Apple, Sony, and Google Play. 
  2. Because, everything is an experiment. Quite honestly, I'm hoping that lowing the price to 99cents will push it up in the sales rank at Amazon (in particular) so that more people will see it/read it. Additional Questions: Will this action yield continued downloads even after the "sale" is over? Will this garner additional reviews on websites? Are the types of people who download a book for 99cents even going to like my book? (this last one is a harder question to answer due to the number of confounding variables; I frequently purchase a book because it is only 99cents and, what the heck, it's only 99cents! but then never read it...) 
  3. Because Bookbub and eReaderNews will be running contiguous promos for Neanderthal Seeks Human. I am curious to see how effective these paid marketing strategies are and will report back on my success/failure.
  4. Because everything is an experiment. I've listed Neanderthal Seeks Human at 3.99 since May 1st. I am curious if the the volume in sales can overcome the decrease in royalties and price.
  5. Because I can't list it for free! Neanderthal Seeks Human is no longer enrolled in KDP select. I am hoping this experiment will help me make a decision regarding whether I should re-enroll in KDP select. 

After the promotion has ended I'll add a "findings" post to my blog to share what I've learned regarding items number 2-5 above.

This should be fascinating. <3


  1. I predict you'll be pleased. One, because your book is great at any price. Two, a wide range of people buy .99 cent books.

    I don't necessarily search for .99 cent books...I look for genres/authors I like; I look at reviews & book recommendations; I generally don't search by price. However, it is a huge plus that one can tryout a new author for .99, and yes, I read them. I can't tell you how many follow-up e-books by the same author I've bought as a result.

    I first read NSH by borrowing it through the Amazon Prime Library. Knowing it would go away after a month, I then purchased it at whatever price it was two days ago. I didn't really pay attention...I wanted it...it'll be a reread. Also, as there will be a book two, I must have them both. Otherwise my world order would collapse.

    I'd like to hear how it goes for you. =)

  2. LOL @ "My world order would collapse" :-) Thanks for your comment and the information! You provide an excellent perspective.

    So, I've been thinking more and more about the short stories I've planned for Janie and Quinn and wondering if I should instead just write them a second book. I agree with some of the reader comments that they have more story. There is more to tell.

    I'll have to think on this.