Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday News: Email flail and FAIL, and Winner of the Giveaway!! and Cat is out of the bag alert

News Item #1: Friends Without Benefits and Mailing List LLAMA DRAMA
So, I attempted to send out an exclusive excerpt to my mailing list today and was met with email flail and fail. Therefore, I had to send the email twice and I'm still not sure everyone received it.

If you get this then you and I are the same level of nerdy. Congratulations. And also, I'm sorry
To that end, I've decided to subscribe to an online webapp called "MailChimp". It is a mailing list/ newsletter manager and should take care of these kooky issues moving forward. The next email you receive from me will be in August and I'll use MailChimp instead of 20th century methods. It should look sleek and pretty :-D

News Item #2: FREE STUFF
This week I ran a giveaway for a signed/print copy of Neanderthal Seeks Human on my facebook page. My husband pulled one of the quotes out of a hat and the lucky winner's favorite quote was (Quinn to Janie): "I want to date you. I want us to spend time together like we did before I had to go to Boston. And if I travel, I want you to answer your phone because I want to hear your voice. That's not all. I want to touch you and kiss you and I want touch me. And....I want to play strip poker, with you, right now." AH! I love Quinn...

I emailed the winner and will post the information to Facebook this afternoon. Congratulations! :-)

News Item #3: Cat out of the bag... ish
The Book Vixen wrote a post today about a "choose your own adventure romance novel." Funny story, I have a choose your own adventure romance novel all diagrammed out. I've been stalking other authors, trying to befriend them in the hopes that they would eventual fall prey to my evil plan: a choose your own adventure collaborative anthology. Basically, I want to corral several authors together and have them each write scenes with a focus on their genre (sweet / funny / erotica / angsty). I don't know if I'll be successful. First I have to find authors who are willing. Wish me luck!!

Ok. That is all. Have a great weekend!! <3 Penny


  1. Hi Penny,

    Thanks so much for sharing the excerpt of "Friends Without Benefits". The tension between Nico and Elizabeth radiates off the page!

    When I was reading "Neanderthal Seeks Human" the first time, I highlighted more than 40 quotes.

    I can see from this excerpt that there is going to be a lot of highlighting again!

    "... looking like sex on a stick—if sex were Italian and the stick had an unhealthy amount of charisma..." HA!

    "My chest swelled, my stomach flipped, my knees locked; my organs were competing in the lust Olympics." (You KNOW I will be using the lust Olympics in future conversations.)

    "...his black hair was mussed with scientific precision. It looked like Hollywood quality postcoital hair." OMG!

    Penny, you are the absolute MASTER of romantic wit! (Hmmmm.... rowit? romanwit? witantic?)

    Looking forward to sharing more of your literary adventures.

    1. Connie! Thank you SO MUCH for this comment. Since I wrote the book I have no idea if it's any good. I know I like it but, naturally, assume I am a weirdo with wonky taste.

      I may be a weirdo with wonky taste, but now I know there is at least one more weirdo out their. Weirdo, thy name is Connie <3