Friday, July 19, 2013

I've been writing... A LOT, and I wanted to share.

The last two days have been insanely productive writing days for me; I'm only 5 scenes away from finishing Friends Without Benefits: An Unrequited Romance.

First attempt at Book#2's cover 
 As such, here is a little (raw) excerpt I'd like to share from a scene I recently wrote between Nico and Elizabeth (I hope you enjoy!!)

“Well,” he abruptly broke the protracted silence, “where can I kiss you?”
… what?
He lifted his fingers to my face, tucked a few loose strands of hair behind my ears. “Where can I kiss you goodbye?”
My stomach did a backflip and I responded stupidly, “In the hall…?”
“No, Elizabeth. That’s not what I mean. Where—on your body—am I allowed to kiss you? Where do your other friends kiss you?”
Thoughts of Nico’s lips all over my body bubbled into my consciousness. I had trouble thinking of places where I didn’t want him to kiss me.
Finally I managed to croak, “Well—they don’t.”
“That’s not true… How about your cheek?”
I shrugged, completely flabbergasted by our conversation, my mouth suddenly dry. “Yeah, I guess I’ve been kissed on my cheek by friends before.”
“Good.” He smiled, nodded. “We’ll start there.”


  1. OMG OMG OMG! Can't wait for this to come out!

  2. Loving the excerpts! Cant wait!

  3. This is awesome. Like how flabbergasted she is. And he seems so calm. Wonder what he's really thinking? And I really like that cover. Did you create that? Nice.

  4. OMGosh...I have GOT to read Neanderthal Seeks Human next week!!!
    ~ Shawn

  5. Well...that puts all kinds of naughty thoughts in my head. Hehe!

  6. I hope he's going to take a long journey of kisses all over her... It's so promising ;)