Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Goodbye World

This is where I leave you...
I'm taking the next 2-3 weeks off.
Things that are out of my control have conspired to keep me from the internets, so I'm surrendering to this hovering black hole of nothingness called "family time."
All posts on my author page and elsewhere will be done by Fiona Fischer, my trusty PA and mailer of the books.
See you on the other side, mis amigos.
<3 Penny

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 Top Ten Lists!

Dear Bloggers,
If Penny or 'Love Hacked' or 'Neanderthal Marries Human' or 'Beauty and the Mustache' makes one of your 2014 top ten lists, PLEASE let Penny know!
Email is good: pennreid AT gmail DOT com.
I like to do something special every year for these bloggers.

<3 Penny

Friday, December 12, 2014


Coming on Monday (December 15)
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Things you can look forward to reading about:
1. EXCERPT from The Hooker and the Hermit
2. Audiobook news... for all the books
3. Update on Scenes from the City, money raised for Toys for Tots!
4. The price of tea in China
5. More cowbell
6. My favorite cookie recipe
7. Shark update
8. And much more!
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

What we can learn from the book of A's

Let me explain why this book--->

 ... is HILARIOUS.

First, you have to understand a few things about self-publishing and Amazon in particular.
1) Amazon rolled out a program called Kindle Unlimited (KU) over the summer where readers can pay amazon $10 a month and download books enrolled in KU for "free" (so, it's a subscription service)
2) From the self-published author perspective, KU is a very mixed bag. One thing you must know is that the KU subscriber must read 10% of the book in order for the author to receive a royalty from that book sale.
So... KU
A) In order for a book to be enrolled in KU, that book has to be exclusive to Amazon (so, not available anywhere else).
**This is the only reason none of my books are a part of KU. I have readers everywhere and I don't want to only offer my books in just one place, because then the rest of my readers won't be able to read my books and I'd feel like a jerk.
B) The maximum an author will receive as royalty from amazon for books enrolled in KU is $2 per book. It doesn't matter if your list price is $6 and your usual royalty would be $4, the most you'll get is $2.

A) If your list price is $1 and your book is enrolled in KU, you will still get the $2 royalty...

WHICH BRINGS US BACK TO....why this book is hilarious.
This author has written a book that is the letter "A". That's it. BUT, this author has also enrolled this book in KU. This means that every time a KU subscriber downloads this book and reads past 10% (which is basically 3 pages, so 99% of people are going to do this) this author gets $2.00. This person has likely made thousands and thousands of dollars by now.

If my books were enrolled in KU, I might not be very happy about the fact that this clever person is getting $2.00 for every download and spent 10 or 15 minutes drafting this book. Whereas I, who have spent months and thousands of dollars editing, securing a cover, etc. am also getting $2.00 per book.

However, more likely, I would laugh and laugh.

This clever person has beautifully illustrated the fatal flaw in KU and the frustration self-published authors are experiencing with the program, and has done so in a very silly way.

IN SUMMARY: This is not a soapbox post. Love KU, hate KU, whatever. I feel neither. That stated, writing is not my job, therefore I don't really have a horse in this race. But the existence of this book (and what it is doing) is HILARIOUS.
Nothing makes a more effective look-at-this-obvious-problem magnifying glass than living satire. This book is living satire. I say well done.

THE MORAL OF THIS STORY: Self-published authors, now I'm speaking directly to you.
The moral of the story is to only release novellas in the KU program and for only 99cents or $1.99. That's what we (as self published authors) must learn from this. Then the 99cent novella yields a $2 royalty (rather than 35cents). Make Amazon KU work for you. :-)
<3 Penny

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I have THE BEST readers (... or "reiders")

So... you know how Sandra wanted to send Ashley a life-sized cutout of Charlie Hunnam? Well, get what one of my readers did?
That's right.

Thanks, Tina. You're the best. <3

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Did I forget to mention...

Did I forget to mention that I have an online shop?

The Penny Reid Store is now open for your business and pleasure!!!

AND it has the coolest domain name ever---->

Things you will find at the store:
  • SWAG packs... For you, your grandma, or your keyboard cat.
  • Signed books... (Microbe free, hopefully)
  • Bags... You might be able to fit a baby. (But not your grandma)
  • Mugs... Drink anything you want in it and feel superior.
Sorry about that. Things have been a little nutty. <3