Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fun news!! HAPPILY EVER NINJA / NINJA AT FIRST SIGHT cover photo :-)

One of my fellow author friends, Laura Gibson Author, has agreed be Fiona-- of the infamous Fiona and Greg duo-- for the book covers of HAPPILY EVER NINJA / NINJA AT FIRST SIGHT (Knitting in the City book #5).

The photoshoot is going on now... as in, right now. And Author Heidi R Hutchinson (author of the Double Blind Study series and Laura's sister) will be live-tweeting / instagramming the photoshoot.
Follow progress here if you're interested --->
@chosenbyfaith (twitter and IG)
And they'll be using the hashtags: ‪#‎hotninja‬ ‪#‎pennyreid‬ ‪#‎KitC‬

Background story (if you're curious): I met Laura and Heidi in person for the first time at PennedCon in St. Louis last year. When I saw Laura I tried not to stare at her too long because she is basically how I picture Fiona in my head.

I've never had a custom photoshoot for any of my covers. I always figured that if I can find a fun stockphoto then, great! But I've been struggling for over a year to find a stockphoto for HAPPILY EVER NINJA. Therefore, about 3 months ago, I asked Laura if she'd be willing to pose as Fiona for the cover of the book. Turns out, she's also a photographer. ‪#‎WIN‬!

Picture below of Laura Gibson (author) aka Fiona from the Knitting in the City series, grabbed from her author page.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ARC's for Elements of Chemistry

Please forgive the newsy/announcement-esque nature of this post...

ARC and BLOG TOUR PEOPLE (Still time to sign up: BLOG TOUR SIGN UP) !!!

1) BLOG TOUR: if you signed up for the Blog Tour for ATTRACTION / Elements of Chemistry, then you will be receiving your ARC within the week! Please email Fiona (fionuhfischer AT gmail DOT com) if you do not receive it by Wednesday, March 18. The email will come from Nicole at IndieSage PR​ and *might* go to your spam or promotions folder, so please keep an eye out.
If you still want to sign up for the blog tour, there is time! Go here:

2) ALWAYS ARC PEOPLE: I have sent Part 2 (HEAT) to those of you who have already read Part 1 (ATTRACTION) and left some kind of review on Goodreads (even a rating with no review is sufficient). My plan is to send part 2 (then 3) once I see that you've reviewed the previous part (as I don't want to waste your time/clog your inbox with books you don't want to read). <3

Of course... I'll likely release part 1 early (as is my custom O.o) so keep an eye on this page for that. :-)


Monday, March 2, 2015

Maybe the most important Indie Author post you'll read all year

Do you want to become an author? Then may I suggest you read this facebook post by Carey Heywood, New York Times and USA Today Bestseller. Not only is it incredibly brave, it's honest and real and will give you a very unusual perspective on being an author.

Because being an author is really lonely. <--- This is not a complaint. It's a fact. Yes, authors have readers. But writing is a solitary pursuit and, let's face it, an author is only as loved by and relevant to her/his readers as his/her last publication. And that's okay. Really and honestly. Readers owe authors absolutely nothing (other than, you know, basic human decency; like, don't spit on us).

But that doesn't change the fact that being an author is really lonely.

Read the post. Read the whole thing. And don't feel sorry for Carey. She is brave and strong and on her own journey. But maybe take this rare opportunity to grab a peek into the psyche of authors. The take home message is to learn from this post (about others and about yourself). This post is a gift.

Friday, February 27, 2015

eARC Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION

Okay, people. ARC news for Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION

1) ARC's for EOC part 1: ATTRACTION are going out to my "Always ARC list" momentarily.
(This list is comprised of authors/readers/and bloggers who have consistently posted HONEST reviews for my books across major platforms. That's right, honest. Not always 5 stars. Honest.)
If you are on this list (you know who you are...) and don't get a copy by 9PM EST, please email Fionuhfischer AT gmail DOT com

2) Bloggers: If you're interested in being part of the blog tour/release day blitz for Parts 1-3 of Elements of Chemistry, then please don't forget to sign up with IndieSage PR here:
These ARC's will be going out within the next few weeks.

3) If I disappear off the face of the earth, it's because I'm going to the moon, not because pregnancy hormones will make reading feedback and honest reviews difficult.

<3 Penny

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Experiments in self-publishing: Week 1

So... here's the summary data for week 1 of NSH being free:
Some notes:
1) NSH has been downloaded 28,011 times since making it free one week ago.

2) % change is the actual change (increase or decrease in % of books 1.5-4 in the series sold over the baseline average). As you can see, the % change has been substantial over the course of 1-week. Books 1.5-4 in the series are selling 2 to 4.4 times as much since making NSH free.

3) The "Example Change" measure: I decided not to include actual numbers of paid downloads because I don't want people to focus on how many downloads my books have per-day; I want people to focus on the % change over time (increase or decrease). Therefore, I used "10" as the baseline representation of 100% because it is a nice, benign round number.

If books 1.5-4 in the series were selling 10 books (total) per day, they are now selling (as of today) 34 books per day since making NSH free.

4) Reviews: NSH has received 39 new reviews since becoming free.
25- 5 star
10- 4 star
2- 3 star
1- 2 star
1- 1 star
If NSH's rating were based on these new reviews only, NSH's average rating would now be 4.4 instead of 4.7

5) All promotion thus far has been "free" and done entirely via facebook and social media. In June I hope to do promotions via various websites (paid promotion) to determine how effective each of these websites actually are in spreading the word about free books (verses social media).

I'm interested to see what the data looks like over the next month, whether the % change for books 1.5-4 in the series remains above the baseline over time or if it starts to drop... I'll keep you posted. :-)

Best, Penny 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Experiments in self-publishing and pricing

In case you don't already know, I made Neanderthal Seeks Human free yesterday.

But what you might not know is why I made Neanderthal Seeks Human free. It might surprise you to learn that I have no expectation that making Neanderthal Seeks Human will help my overall book sales. In fact, I suspect it will do the opposite.

Thus, I am conducting an experiment that I hope will help other authors (who write in my genre) make an informed decision about whether to make their books free.

Hypothesis: I propose that the "first book free" advantage no longer applies to contemporary romance authors who price their books appropriately. I propose that making a book free (in my case, the first book in my contemporary romance series, Knitting in the City) will do absolutely nothing (positive) in terms of sales.

Reasons I hypothesize "first book free" doesn't help sales/my assumptions:
1. Over half of the top 10 "free kindle books" on amazon are contemporary romance. Thus, I conclude that "free readers" of contemporary romance read mostly free books.
2. My backlist is priced appropriately (meaning, the rest of the books in the Knitting in the City series are priced according to their value, at $5.99). These books are worth $5.99. If a "free reader" were inclined to purchase another of my books, they would immediately dismiss my books based on the price-tag, because "free readers" are used to reading free books, not books priced according to a book's value.
3. Many/most "free readers" never read the majority of books they download. They are book hoarders (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). Many/most will never read my book.
4. Many/most "free readers" who do read the book AND leave a review will leave a negative review (because those who read it and like the book won't leave a review at all). These negative reviews will bring my overall rating average down. Thus, after my book is no longer free, my book will have a lower star rating and therefore it will be less attractive to paying readers.

Measurements: I will measure over time the following:
1. Number of Neanderthal Seeks Human copies downloaded.
2. % increase or decrease in sales (downloads) of other books in the Knitting in the City series.
3. Overall star rating
4. # increase in individual star ratings (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
5. Ratio of low to high star ratings

I realize it's been less than 2 days, but I do want to note that early results show that my hypothesis is correct. I've already seen a decrease in sales across my other books (reduced from an average of 103 per day to 76) in addition to losing the income typically brought in by Neanderthal Seeks Human (an average of 26 books per day).

I'll update this blog with findings at weekly intervals if you're interested in seeing the data over time.

Best, Penny